Day One

So, here it is – my first blog entry.  My intention is to use this site as a way to keep my information current…which is so not what I did on my website.  Ask anyone – I’d say “go to my website to get an idea of what it is I do, but my latest work isn’t on there yet…no, my class schedule or shows aren’t listed either.”   I’m not what you’d call a technical whiz…I’m what you might call mini-neo-Luddite.  But progress waits for no woman… 

To get the ball rolling, here are a couple of photos of my latest work, abstract landscapes.  Each has a story, which is another thing I can do here – give you the story behind my work.  Hey – this might even be fun.  Now you’ll have to excuse me because I need to go call my friends – they are not gonna believe this.



“The Walled City” – I have an undergraduate degree in history, which is where I learned medieval cities were walled…inside the wall, the city teemed with people and courtiers…on the outskirts were the people whose lives depended on the lord’s protection; but the people inside depended on those outsiders, too, for food and labor…beyond that were the fields and forests and there was always a river near the city for conveyance.  When I made this, I thought how that was how our lives were set up – inside our “wall” we hold our nearest and dearest and our hopes and dreams…outside are the things that let us keep going;  the river is a universal symbol of life’s journey.


“Metropolis” – inspired by Fritz Lang’s brilliant 1927 movie…it represents the corporate world’s attempt to infiltrate our lives and turn us into drones in soul-sucking jobs; giving us an existence by which they profit,  using our labor and using us to buy the products we labor to create…leaving us surrounded by a cold, meaningless world.   Happy, huh?


4 responses to “Day One

  1. Welcome to blog land. You’re not a technical whiz yet you managed to get a blog launched on WordPress. That’s impressive lady!

    We need to schedule a coffee and catch up!

  2. Great way not only to see your art, but to also keep up with you! BTW, the cement class was wonderful. Subject matter was specific to my needs, the students became friends and the teacher….what can I say?….was excellent!

  3. Huge “Way2GoWoman!” … for the blog!!! AND these 2 pieces are FAB 🙂 Of course “The Walled City” — the PURPLE one — speaks to me like the Moody Blues with the World Festival Orch@royal Albert Hall … loud & proud … LOL . Seriously, your movement, texture and colors are rich with symbolism and beauty. And “Metropolis” … well, it’s a dynamic reminder that I’m happy to be a CorpCulture escapee. Thanks for posting these … maybe I’ll get into my studio today and do something with my crayolas … 😉

  4. Lisa. Welcome to your June 2009. Looks like you are making magic with your artwork. Hope to see your art at the gallery. Michael

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