The Examined Life

This is an all glass piece I did over the winter.  My studio isn’t heated so I spend a lot of time at the dining room table during the worst of the winter weather.  I hear some people actually eat on their dining room tables…what a concept.
This is called “Under The Microscope” because that’s how I was feeling – like everything in my life was being disected and examined by people who were just looking for cracks and faults and broken aspects of my personality (but that’s a story I’ll have to tell you over a glass of wine). If you look closely, you’ll see an iridescent swirl running from right to left…one thing I learned while making this is that iridescent frit (tiny glass bits) is iridescent one-side only…so I had to pick up each tiny bit, and examine it under a light to find the right side…ironic, no?

UnderTheMicroscope 15hx48w


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