Fabric Through The Looking Glass

Finally – I’ve finished two new pieces in my “Fabric Through the Looking Glass” series (I create works in cement and glass of items that are usually fabric or textile).  Other pieces in the series are pillows, a coat rack, and a quilt.  The “magic carpet” is all glass – mostly tiny pieces less than 1/4 inch; the fringe is handmade ceramic.  The carpet can sit on a horizontal surface or hang on a wall…the jester’s cap is a mix of various types of glass and rock.  Both are made for interior or exterior (can’t you see these in a garden?).  I love doing this series and I love when people are surprised that the pieces aren’t actually fabric.  Let me know what you think. 

Many thanks to Loren Nelson, my fabulous photographer (who is an amazing fine art photographer as well).

Flying Carpet postcard

“Do You Believe In Magic?” (46x24x4)

Jesters Hat 2_ps

“Surely You Jest” (22x29x13)


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