Lakewood Center for the Arts Festival

WOW!  Sunday was the final day of the 3- day Lake Oswego Art Festival…I know what you’re thinking: three days?  Big whoop-de-doo…You, my friend, have NO idea…3 or 30 days – no difference in the amount of work involved except being compressed into a 24/7 cycle…this is an all-volunteer extravaganza…a year-long operation that includes  45+ steering committee members, 500 volunteers, and an army of artists begging to get in…and it was an amazing experience…the Lake Oswego Lakewood Center for the Arts is the most organized, committed, and wonderful group of people I have ever met (and I’ve been on a lot of boards and committees)…I am grateful and honored they invited me to join the steering committee as a co-chair of the Special Exhibit 2010.  I couldn’t be happier – I thrive in event management…that’s what I did in a previous life (for a real, regular paycheck), but now that I’m a full time artist, I devote my event skills to non-profit events (and no regular paychecks)…

Oh – did I mention I received a blue-ribbon award at the festival?  It was for my abstract landscape called “Dreaming of Montana”…growing up, I wanted to be a paleontologist, but things get in the way and I settled for an undergrad degree in history…but I never forgot the dream of digging up dinosaurs.  Fast forward to a workshop I took with Lynne Chinn last year and I met a woman from Montana who dug this incredible rock in her backyard, which she so generously sent to me via USPS (thank you, Bonnie).    The photo is a bit redder than the piece in person, but that’s my lousy picture taking…

Strout,L dreaming of montana


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