I’m working with a client that wants a new fireplace surround…I’m really excited about it because I’m going to be able to make some custom tiles for her.   Creating tile for a specific person is a challange – I never want to let them down.  First we come up with a design – abstract, figurative, deco, etc…once that’s been finalized, I make a plaster mold in order to replicate the exact design…I do this by carving out a tile in clay, letting it get slightly stiff, then pour the plaster, wait till it sets completely, and voila!  Once I have the mold I can use it over and over (eventually it can lose its detailing, but that takes a while)…I fire the tiles, then glaze and fire again…There are other ways to make custom tiles – the swan and flower below were done by putting a thick layer of underglaze on a leatherhard tile (unfired) and then carving through the glaze to reveal an image, using the color of the clay as the background color.

If you don’t understand these processes, feel free to contact me and I’ll tell you how I do them in more detail.LStrout_5tiles_asst


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