Art In The Pearl

It’s almost here – the biggest art festival in Portland…Art in the Pearl – Sept 5 – 7 at the Park Blocks.  The Pacific NorthWest Sculptors Guild has a wonderful booth – pieces from members working in all different media: bronze, wood, metal, glass…and of course: cement.  I’ll have a couple of  pieces from my “fabric through the looking glass” series.  I’m also doing a demo from that same series on Sunday afternoon – covering a new cement sculpture in mosaic…the piece is tentatively titled “The Mercurial Milliner”… come by the booth and see it…

I’ve had a couple of trying weeks in the studio – two new pieces that should have been ready for Art In The Pearl aren’t done…I had an “aha moment”  when I realized I was rushing to get them in the show and they weren’t quite where I wanted them to be…I’m all about the old adage “anything worth doing, is worth doing right”…so, they won’t be debuting at the Pearl after all…check back here for photos…

My demo is Sunday 2 – 6 but I’ll be there most of the weekend.  Come by…say hello…I’ll be looking for you. 

Oh – I’ve added a couple of classes for October too.


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