Monthly Archives: October 2009

Glass Buttes


I just spent the most wonderful weekend rock hounding with the members of the Mosaic Guild of Central Oregon.  We went to Glass Buttes outside of Bend and gathered fabulous obsidians of all colors – some with greyish streaks, some mottled with mahogany, some transparent with black striping.  It was a beautiful sunshine-filled day…Patty Buckman, one of my hosts, prepared the most wonderful picnic lunch and we all sat around telling stories and sharing ideas…after a day of strenuous rock collecting and holding our breath as the cars rocked back and forth over rutted roads, Rita Dunlevy and her gracious husband, John, hosted a lovely evening with dinner and way too much prosecco…I had a delightful time and can’t wait to return the favor here in Portland (although they placed the bar rather high)…now I just have to decide what to do with all this natural glass…stay tuned…


Latest Pillows


So the photo isn’t the best but I was up against a deadline (what else is new?)…OK – it’s less than good but the pillows really are quite pretty in person – if I do say so myself…I delivered these to a gallery in Oakland, CA last week – Christensen-Heller Gallery on College Ave…it’s a fabulous place with lots of gorgeous jewelry and other art.  I was thrilled that Jan, the owner, contacted me and wanted a few pillows that could live outside (thanks, Alex, for the plug)…I was also happy to take a road trip back to my old stomping grounds and visit with a few good friends in Sonoma County.

Now that these are gone, I have to start working on pieces for my show at Guardino Gallery in Portland in March…In addition to pillows, carpets, and hats, I’ve got a couple “in-progress” pieces that I’ve not done before…I’m excited to expand my “Fabric Through the Looking Glass” series for that show…if they don’t debut there, I’m in talks with a curator about a solo show in April.  I’ll be spending a lot of time in my unheated studio this winter…suffering for my art and all that…