Latest Pillows


So the photo isn’t the best but I was up against a deadline (what else is new?)…OK – it’s less than good but the pillows really are quite pretty in person – if I do say so myself…I delivered these to a gallery in Oakland, CA last week – Christensen-Heller Gallery on College Ave…it’s a fabulous place with lots of gorgeous jewelry and other art.  I was thrilled that Jan, the owner, contacted me and wanted a few pillows that could live outside (thanks, Alex, for the plug)…I was also happy to take a road trip back to my old stomping grounds and visit with a few good friends in Sonoma County.

Now that these are gone, I have to start working on pieces for my show at Guardino Gallery in Portland in March…In addition to pillows, carpets, and hats, I’ve got a couple “in-progress” pieces that I’ve not done before…I’m excited to expand my “Fabric Through the Looking Glass” series for that show…if they don’t debut there, I’m in talks with a curator about a solo show in April.  I’ll be spending a lot of time in my unheated studio this winter…suffering for my art and all that…


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