Monthly Archives: November 2009

New Fireplace Installation

I just finished this fireplace for a client who wanted something that blended in her gorgeously decorated bungalow.   She chose this concept from three I designed for her; I like to give people choices up front – it usually means fewer changes as the project progresses.  I created the pattern as a mirror image.  It was complicated, but it made the final motif more balanced.  I had a hand-drawn, life-size cartoon that I followed – and dreamed about for two weeks while I installed.   Once we picked exact colors, I started handmaking the tiles for the surround – each tile was made individually – not cut; I could have used commercial tile but we both knew that handmade would have a craftsmanship finish.  Besides, the whole concept of using handmade as much as possible appeals to my artistic nature.  The floor, however, is McIntye tile; it was the exact color we wanted with a scratch-resistant finish.  In such a low-traffic area, I wasn’t too worried, but I just couldn’t find a glaze that I liked as much.  Cutting them was a breeze with a good new blade.  It’s all about the tools, people.

The installation was fairly easy (except on my back); I had the tiles laid out and numbered ahead of time.  My client was a dream and she has the two sweetest cats that watched every move I made…I hope they don’t become competitors now that they know my secrets…