Monthly Archives: June 2010

Close Encounters

I confess – I have a thing for rock formations.  Geologically, they are amazing records of the earth’s movement and it’s make up and that’s fascinating stuff.  But the stratifications are so interesting to me; I am drawn to the incredible patterns and textures…they are nature’s sculptures and, boy, is she good at it.  I have piles of photos from which I gather inspiration.  We just returned from a two-week road trip through Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, and Wyoming where we saw some incredible places like the City of Rocks (Idaho), Devil’s Tower(Wyoming) and Needles Scenic Byway (So Dakota).  Man’s hand at resculpting one of nature’s rocks – Mt. Rushmore – is humbling…how one man’s vision and the hard work of lots of men became a symbol of America’s innovation and creativity.  I was deeply moved (and more than a little grateful to Teddy Roosevelt and his vision).  I’m already thinking about doing some cement sculptures that will be more organic and fluid in form.  I can’t compete with nature, but I do feel a bit like Roy Neery in my need to build in her shadow.