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Adieu, Portland


Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road? (totem series)

Well, here we go again…to those of you who know me, you won’t be too surprised to learn we’re moving…this time back to the East Coast – Northern Virginia…not sure the exact spot yet, but someplace near DC…I’m really excited about a new adventure, but at the same time, it’s hard to say goodbye to Portland.  We’ve only been here 5 years, but I’ve grown to love this place…if you live here, you know why…if you don’t, you need to come visit.

I don’t know anyone in Northern Virginia so I’m guessing it will take me a while to get synced up in my new area…if you have any suggestions as to what I should check out, I’m all ears…

Thanks to everyone in Portland – and beyond – who helped make my time here absolutely delightful…I promise I won’t tell anyone how great it is to live here – it’ll be our secret…