I’m Baa-ack

I’m a bit sheepish about how long I’ve been absent.  Several friends and followers have chided me about it…but this past year has been, well, rather distracting to put it mildly.  It’s too long to go into here…suffice it to say, after several months on the east coast, I decided to come back to my Portland studio…mind you, I spent the hot, humid summer in Virginia and the cold, wet winter in Portland…c’est la vie…anyway, I’m happily ensconced in my studio, where I can be found most of the time up to my elbows in clay…and sheep…drop me a line – it really has been too long…


2 responses to “I’m Baa-ack

  1. Hi, Lisa: After having you here in Virginia for a little while and then having you get back to work in your studio in Portland, well, miss having you in Virginia. Can’t wait to get you set up in your new studio in Northern Virginia! Mean while, keep feeding the sheep!

  2. Back in Portland???? Wonderful for all of us here that would love to take another class taught by you!

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