No Way – it’s May!

giraffeneckgiraffe head

Yikes! Am I ever behind…I’ve been working so much in my home studio I haven’t been able to catch up…here’s my past few months in a nutshell: I was offered a studio at ArtSquare in Leesburg in February…I cannot stress how happy I am about that…now I have a public space to show a body of work. There are 14 artist studios and we have a great time. Every second Friday there is a reception to open the latest gallery show and I’ve met some really nice people. I try to work there when I can but it’s so much easier to stay home and work – I don’t even have to brush my hair!

There’s an upcoming Open Studio Tour in Loundoun County and I will be at ArtSquare with all the other artists (and a couple of guest artists)…it’s June 22-23 from 10-5. ArtSquare is a good stop to visit since we’ll have so much talent in one place – plus refreshments and demos. I’ve got lots of new work I’ll be showing that weekend so be sure to drop by.

I recently installed a large giraffe in my ArtSquare studio and for the month of June, I’m having a contest to name it (he? she?)…I’ve been working on it on-and-off for quite a while so I am really happy it’s up. The photos above don’t do justice to the studio space.

I was busily trying to finish up some work for an show in Oregon – I was thrilled to be asked…just mailed all that off last week…I only wish I could be at the 50th Lake Oswego Art Festival to see the Special Exhibit Invitational (along with all the other exhibits), but it’s the same weekend as the studio tour…

As usual, I will promise all those people who ask me on a regular basis that I will post more often but we all know I’ll get caught up in a project or commission and months will go by again…let’s just say I’ll try my best.


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