Monthly Archives: July 2013

And the Giraffe’s name is (drumroll, please):

The symbolism surrounding a giraffe is quite moving to me. Its long neck represents the ability to be visionary while still viewing the past and present. It conveys the saying “sticking one’s neck out” and seeing the world of possibilities.
Its powerful, large body signifies being grounded in the physical; along with the long neck denoting the ability to see far, it stands for viewing life in a way that is both grounded and expansive.
I received so many good, appropriate names for the large giraffe and want to thank everyone who participated. It really brought the piece to life. I read each entry with an eye towards “why” and I wanted to share the above reasons I chose the one I did…
And this quote really sealed it:
“When running, the legs and neck work together, reminding us it is not enough to see the future, but to move towards it as well.” – Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
SO, without further ado, I give you “Nelson”…chosen for a great visionary and inspiration to us all to move towards the future, Mr. Nelson Mandela.
Thank you, Barbara D., for adding the name to the jar. I don’t know if it’s why you put it in, but in the end, it’s why it was chosen.