My kind of gardening

20131011_120801I am a terrible gardener…really…terrible. Nothing survives my attempts to try my hand at a lovely colorful spot in the yard. I have stopped trying – I took pity on all the poor plants that died wanting nothing more than to have a place in the sun…except those that wanted shade…a small detail I never seemed to follow properly. This mid-century modern bench is my answer to a colorful garden that I can’t kill…and it will be a bright spot all year round in any garden when most plants are dormant. (Just click on the photo to enlarge.)

Now the dog is another story. I made the cement form quite some time ago and never got around to putting my decorative tile on it. But as I was working on the bench, I thought it would be perfect to sit on it…so I started picking bits and pieces of fun doodads from my stash and then took out my 1 inch porcelain tiles and started nipping them into “hair strands”. Once I added the glass eyes, it was so obvious that this dog was my big dog – Dexter – who died in May at age 14 (unlike gardens, I’m pretty good with animals). I hadn’t intended for it to happen – it just did. So, the dog is not for sale, but I’d be happy to make one of your beloved pet.


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