About Me

In addition to my fanciful sculptures, I create unique and unusual tile murals using contemporary and abstract design styles.  I’m originally from Massachusetts, but I’ve lived in different parts of the United States, Europe, and Asia.  Now I live in Northern Virginia.

Along with an undergrad degree in History, I have a degree from a classical culinary school and went on to study Food History.  After working for several years in the wine industry, I followed my true passion and made the leap to full-time artist.  My work is influenced by what I find humorous and my fascination for patterns and movement.

I chose cement as one sculpting material because it gives me the most freedom.  The material I use is lightweight but structurally sound and weatherproof.  I use various types of glass, ceramic, metal, stone, and other materials to create colorful designs.  I feel that my work helps me define my world, hopefully transporting others as well.

My other favorite medium is ceramic.  I love getting my hands on wet clay and letting it take me where it wants…ceramic artists will tell you that clay has a memory, but I think it also has a plan of what it wants to be.  I build sculptures as well as custom tile.

I’ve had work in numerous juried exhibits, invitationals, galleries, and it is in private collections throughout the United States.  I’ve won awards for my sculptures and I’m a member of several art organizations.

Commissions, permanent installations, sculptures, and murals can be acquired by contacting me here or at lisastrout@verizon.net.  I also offer private and group instruction.


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