Gallery – 3D

Here are a few pieces I’ve created over the past few years:

Please Don’t Feed The Penguin

Gone To The Dog

Why Did The Chicken…

Do You Believe In Magic?

Flying Carpet 2

Surely You Jest

Jesters Hat 2_ps

Memory #9memory_9


No Throw PillowsStroutL_NoThrowPillows


TeonanacatlLStrout_Teonanacatl 300ppi

No Calorie Chocolates


Fish Do Have LipsFish Do Have Lips


LStrout_Caterpillar 01


2 responses to “Gallery – 3D

  1. Beautiful work, Lisa!
    You obviously have a great handle on this medium, and I love your sense of humor!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. You have to come an visit, I just love the totems, the pillows, and more! I can tell we will make each other laugh.

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